The Pursuit of
Authentic Richness, KOKU.

Our technique for brewing YEBISU into a rich, refined drinking
experience continues to evolve.

Authentic German
Drinking Experience.

We brew YEBISU adhering to the Reinheitsgebot*, Bavarian Purity Law,to deliver an authentic malt beer experience.

Look. Smell. Taste.

A golden hue glimmering under a gentle froth and the toasty aroma of hops satisfies the key three qualifications of good beer.
YEBISU piques the senses and delivers a rich and refined drinking experience.

Ingredients are King.

We craft our beer only with carefully selected ingredients from Sapporo Breweries Collaborative Farms. This unique system guarantees a satisfying beer brewed only with high-quality ingredients. Even our signature yeasts have been cultured to yield a taste and aroma that’s exclusively YEBISU.

*Reinheitsgebot also known as the Bavarian Purity Law was established in 1516 to ensure quality.
This is the oldest, still valid food safety law in the world.

Aged Longer with
Extra Malt for KOKU.

More malt means a longer aging process—and more flavor.
This extra malt and extra time results in KOKU,
the rich taste and experience that only YEBISU delivers.

Rich Aroma and
Deep KOKU.

130 years of history brewed into every frothy ounce.

We first brewed YEBISU with the help of a German
brewmaster in 1890. We had one goal in mind,to bring a new authentic German beer to Japan.

YEBISU has won the praise of beer drinkers both
domestically and internationally,with accolades such as
the gold prize at the Paris Expo in 1900.

This long history drives us to continue to pursuethe
highest standard and deliver high-quality beers.


Ebisu, Tokyo, an intersection of traditional charm and vibrant cultures.
Named Ebisu after YEBISU Beer, this city is rich with stories of community.

Today, YEBISU BREWERY TOKYO introduces a new brewing culture where it all began in 1890.

It’s the next chapter with new beers and new ways to celebrate beer and its culture.

YEBISU believes beer is ∞.


BEER is ∞

Welcome to Yebisu Brewery Tokyo!

This is a domain where we continue to cultivate ideas for innovative new beers, day in and day out. Instilled in each brew are the roots of exhilarating new beer legends envisioned by our brewers. Which story to choose, is consigned to the discretion of our customers. Please seize this occasion to search for your special beer tale.


Along with the saga of Yebisu, we also take distinctive pleasure in unveiling rare photographs documenting the brand and the local community. Enjoy a journey tracing the roots of the one and only beer that has continued to flourish in the Ebisu district for over 130 years.


Space empowering the five senses to richly savor beer created on a real-time basis from original ingredients and brewing equipment produced in Germany. In the Master Brewer’s Room, visitors may engage in direct exchanges with the Chief Experience Brewer depending upon when they arrive.


Supplementing the “Yebisu ∞” and “Yebisu ∞ Black” beers produced all year round, there are also Yebisu versions rich in originality and diversity brewed seasonally or in limited quantities. Settle down in space appointed with various types of comfortable tables and chairs arranged to maximize the day’s mood, either in groups or on your own.

Visitor Information

Weekdays: 12:00 noon ~ 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays: 11:00 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m.
Regular holiday: Tuesday (the following day when Tuesday is a national holiday), New Year’s holiday season
Yebisu Garden Place, 4-20-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8522