Sendai Plant

Savor Genghis Khan barbecue outdoors in nature

We operate a beer restaurant in the Sendai Plant, which is surrounded by beautiful flowers, grasses and flying wild birds.

Natori-shi, Miyagi Prefecture

  • *Plant tours are not offered at this location
  • *The Sendai Plant does not produce beer; it manufactures RTD and Pokka Sapporo Soup Cups.

Restaurants and other facilities

Sendai Beer Garden

This beer-themed restaurant is styled after a traditional German home and features a spacious ceiling that is six meters tall. We have 350 seats. Enjoy a line-up of six draft beers on tap, as well as the famous Genghis Khan dish and barbecued items.

Sendai Beer Garden Summary

Sapporo Beer Sendai Brewery, 310-1 Hachiman Tekurada, Natori-shi, Miyagi Prefecture,981-1231
Bookings & inquiries
Telephone: 022-384-9301 Fax: 022-384-9302
Note that telephone support is offered in Japanese only.
11:30 AM-10:00 PM
12/31 ~1/2
Total spaces
350 spaces
Parking lot
Fully equipped (space for large buses)


Biotope is a portmanteau of “bio” (biological) and “top” (place). The waterside is home to carp, diving beetles, and marsh shrimp, and you will also see wild mallards, turtle doves, and herons depending on the season. The walkways are barrier-free and employ recycled, eco-friendly materials for the pavement, benches, and other areas.

Transit directions

Large Map

310-1 Hachiman Tekurada, Natori-shi, Miyagi Prefecture, 981-1231
Brewery tours are not offered at this location.

Rail Access

3 minutes’ walk from Natori Station on the JR Tohoku Line

Reaching us by car

10km (travel time: 20 minutes) from the Sendai-Minami Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway

Parking lot