Kyushu Hita Brewery

A beer brewery in lovely waterside Hita

This beer factory is surrounded by the lush forests of water-blessed Hita and is Sapporo Breweries' main production hub for both Japan and Asia as a whole.

Hita-shi, Oita Prefecture

  • We don't serve alcohol drinks for minors(under 20 years old)
  • You may be asked to present a proof of ID in order to verify your age.
  • Note that if we discover a minor (under 20 years old) consuming alcohol, or a chaperone who tacitly allowed a minor to consume alcohol, we will report it to the authorities.
  • If you are a driver or designated driver (includes bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles) or pregnant or breastfeeding, you may select from a non-alcoholic beer or a soft drink. Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law.
  • Please do not enter if you have a fever or are unwell.

The facility's unique features and appealing points



At the SAPPORO THEATER you can enjoy a movie telling the story of Sapporo Beer, from its founding by five pioneers until today, as well as the brand story of Sapporo Black Label. At the YEBISU GALLERY you can enjoy a movie and exhibition which tell the history of Ebisu Beer.



While gazing at the mountains towering above the streets of Hita, enjoy the taste of draft beer accentuated by a vast library of beer knowledge prepared for you.Revel in a luxurious moment as you taste and learn about delicious beer while surrounded by outstanding scenery.



Tasting Salon (Paid Tasting Corner)

We offer two spaces with different atmospheres for enjoying freshly brewed beer. In the STAR LOUNGE, you can enjoy beer while also absorbing deep beer knowledge, while in the STAR HALL you can enjoy the boisterous excitement of drinking with companions.

Brands offered for sampling (and tax-inclusive prices)

  • Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label
  • Yebisu Beer

400 JPY each

  • Non-alcoholic beer
  • Soft drinks

200 JPY each

Hours: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (bar closes at 4:30 PM)
Seats: 76


You can choose based on your mood and your companions.The large, star shaped display case to the left of the entrance marks the way. Here you can find a cornucopia of original merchandise not available anywhere else.We offer items with a wide variety of uses, whether for your personal use or as a souvenir. The shop is open to all, so come take a look.

Hours: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Restaurants and other facilities

Hita Beer Garden

The Hita Beer Garden consists of three distinct areas
You can gaze out at Hita from the terrace while savoring fresh Black Label and Yebisu Beer made on-premises.
Savor the flavors of Hokkaido, where Sapporo Beer originates, and delicacies like Signature local tofu made with delicious water from Hita.

Hita Beer Garden Summary

Sapporo Beer Kyushu Hita Brewery, 6979 Takase, Hita-shi, Oita Prefecture,877-0054
Bookings & inquiries
Telephone: 0973-25-1234 (this number is used exclusively for bookings at the Hita Beer Forest)

Note that telephone support is offered in Japanese only.

Total spaces
496 seats (344 indoor, 152 outdoor)
Parking lot
Fully equipped (100Spaces)

Customers of the Hita Beer Forest, please check the following website.*Japanese

Information About Sightseeing Nearby

Feel free to view the following websites for sightseeing information about Kyushu Hita Brewery.
Hita City Tourism Association: Come to Hita "Oidehita" (Link leads to outside site.)

*You can visit various sightseeing spots in the areas surrounding the Kyushu Hita Brewery.

● Approx. 15 minutes by car to Mameda ● Approx. 20 minutes by car to Amagase Hot Spring (use National Route 210) ● Approx. 30 minutes by car to Tsuetate Hot Spring ● Approx. 40 minutes by car to Yabakei (Aonodomon) (use National Route 210) ● Approx. 50 minutes by car to Kurokawa Hot Spring ● Approx. 50 minutes by expressway (Hita Interchange → Yufuin Interchange) to Yufuin ● Approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes by expressway (Hita Interchange → Beppu Interchange) to Beppu

Transit directions and business hours

Large Map

Takase 6979, Hita-shi, Oita Prefecture,877-0054
Telephone: 0973-25-1100

Please verify that you are dialing the correct number.
Note that telephone support is offered in Japanese only.

10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Tasting Salon Last Order:4:30PM)
Every Monday & Tuesday (or on the following 2 days if they were holidays), year-end/New Year, irregular closings

Reaching us by car/bus

10 minutes by taxi from Hita Station on the JR Kyudai Main Line or from the Hita Bus Center via the Hita Bus (Nishitetsu Bus)
15 minutes by local bus from Hita Bus Center (Nishitetsu Bus)

Click herefor Hita Bus timetables (external site) *Japanese
Click herefor details on transfers, rail lines, and timetables (Yahoo! transit page)*Japanese

Reaching us by car

Take the Kyushu Expressway to the Tosu Junction, then board the Oita Expressway from there. Next, exit out onto the Hita Interchange and turn right. On National Route 212, head towards Oita/Yufuin ( 6km)

Parking lot


Please note: if you are traveling by car, you will not be permitted to consume alcohol. Soft drinks will be offered instead.

Applying for tours

Sapporo Beer Kyushu Hita Brewery
Address:Takase 6979, Hita-shi, Oita Prefecture,877-0054