1869 Installation of the new administrative system

The Meiji government established a new administrative unit in Hokkaido in July 1869 in order to open up the region and annex it. That same year, the northern area known as Yezo was renamed to Hokkaido. Kiyotaka Kuroda, who led the annexation project, selected Horace Capron, US Commissioner of Agriculture, as the chief instructor. Under Capron’s guidance, the new administrative unit performed surveys of Hokkaido’s climate, topography, and mines. Until the Kaitakushi brand was closed down in 1882, the business grew into over 30 plants. That wide portfolio of businesses included beer brewing.

  • Kiyotaka Kuroda, administrative director
    Kiyotaka Kuroda, administrative director
  • Horace Capron
    Horace Capron
  • Hokkaido administrative government ship insignia
    Hokkaido administrative government ship insignia